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About Us

Designing Human Ecosystems

We are an international advisory service based in Seattle, Los Angeles and Shanghai that specializes in working with family and closely held businesses to enhance their productivity by implementing human-centered workforce strategies. Our services include succession planning, talent identification and development, and team building. Our goal is the creation of a positive work culture that increases employee productivity and satisfaction, decreases turnover, and sharpens leadership throughout the organization.

When people are energized, engaged and satisfied with their work, it will be reflected in productivity and profits. There have been remarkable new discoveries in the human sciences that have changed our ability to understand and measure human work capacity. Business researchers are demonstrating the value of human-centered organizations for business success. Much of this has yet to be put into practice to solve everyday problems in the workplace. Marigold Associates bring solid scientific research into alignment with tried and true wisdom. We combine theory and practice, art and science in unique ways to enhance the human element in the workplace.

The tools you use matters! Many consultants and H.R. specialists are still using tools that were developed decades ago and lack proper scientific support. At Marigold we only use tools that are accurate, appropriate for the workplace, valid across diverse populations, and research based.

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