Our Clients

Flourishing is being fully human, not merely human.

Our clients come to us when they need fresh solutions to human problems. It may be when they are considering how to prepare their children for a world of wealth, succession planning for their business, refining their leadership and management, developing their philanthropic strategy or seeking balance and meaning in life. In each of these areas, a rich understanding of what it takes to develop our full human potential is key to understanding the problem and finding the solution. We provide our clients with insight and solutions based on solid scientific research in alignment with tried and true traditional wisdom.

Our clients are high achieving, competent individuals whose success has resulted in complex opportunities accompanied by high stress and demand. Their life is both unusually rewarding and challenging. Marigold advisors are able to provide the objectivity, expertise, and time that allows our clients to transcend the rat race in order to shape their life and work environments in order to focus on their ultimate priorities.