Our Marigold Name

The name Marigold Associates is a quiet nod of gratitude to Max De Pree, of Herman Miller fame. He is one of the inspiring lives that has had a profound impact on Marigold Associates and has set a standard for flourishing. Our philosophy has been radically impacted by Max and his mentor, Peter Drucker. One of our first encounters with Max occurred at a small gathering at Marigold Lodge, former summer home of the De Pree family.

Marigold CompositeWe acknowledge that some people adore marigolds; others learn to appreciate their qualities over time. We like them because they are living things which must be well tended, reminding us that in order to grow and flourish, certain requirements need to be met. We also like the marigold because it is a multifaceted flower with many uses. As an ornamental, it provides a bright, cheerful spot of color. With its distinctive smell and pest-repellant properties, it is a beneficial garden flower that contributes to the health of other plants in its vicinity. Its edible petals possess health-promoting and medicinal qualities. Substances found in marigolds are used in various health supplements and are considered highly beneficial for eyesight. In some parts of the world, the flowers play a significant role on festive occasions. There are also many different types of marigold: marsh marigolds, African marigolds, fig-marigolds, pot marigolds, French marigolds and sea marigolds. Their flowers range from neon orange to subtle white or pale green, and their habitat ranges widely.

Like the flower, Marigold Associates is equally multifaceted. We customize our process to provide exactly what our client needs. There is a marigold to suit everyone. What’s your marigold?

CC images from Curtis’ Botanical Magazine