Would you want to be Will or Kate? It’s hard not to envy their position in the world, all their wealth, beauty, and cool stuff. But they’re going to hit the skids just like the rest of us. What advice would you give the newlyweds? In the spirit of flourishing Friday, here are some of our ideas to spark your conversation over happy hour. If you are newly or oldly wed or even thinking about getting wed, we think it’s true for you as well.

1. Have fun with your cool life. You should be laughing every day. There are plenty of odd people there in London to help. We’ve seen those hats.

2. Do not become boring. Use your resources to continue to develop and grow as individuals and as a couple. Tap into every realm—physical, emotional, spiritual and relational.

3. Have lots of sex, do it often, do it well, make it playful. It really can last longer than 10 minutes, even without the use of blue pills! Maybe this should be number 1 on the list.

4. Deliberately expose yourself to the world outside your comfort zone. Travelers are so much more fun than tourists. Explore the world. People are endlessly fascinating, especially those outside our social class.

5. Communicate lavishly. Ask each other questions, push, challenge, empathize, be inquisitive. Try to be the first couple in history to really know each other completely.

6. Take care of those hot bodies of yours. Remember the fantasy lives of millions depends on you. Seriously, don’t forget to sleep, breathe, eat well, drink lots of water and move. Your brain and ability to cope with stress depends on it.

7. Sadness and grief will make you more human. Keep it close.

8. It’s not about achievement and winning, it’s about becoming better human beings. Anyway, you’re already at the top of the heap. Let the other guy/gal win.

9. Contribute to the common good. There are so many ways to do this that don’t involve giving away cash. Help the world see that being at the top of the heap doesn’t mean you just have more opportunities to behave badly. Bring us back to the good old days by setting a higher standard.

10. On the other hand, please try not to pretend to be perfect. You’ll help the rest of us out if you demonstrate your humanness. Authenticity is so much more attractive. Plus it will save you from having your secrets exposed by the bulldogs in the British press.

11. Be generous: Not just with your presents, but with your apologies, affection, intimacy, empathy and forgiveness. We all want you to stay married forever. If you practice being generous it just might be possible.

So, fellow commoners, what advice would you add? Please comment below!

Both Linda Wagener and Richard Beaton contributed to this post.

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