“By ourselves we suffer serious limitations. Together we can be something wonderful.”—Max De Pree

Practice + Theory + Practice + Theory

In a world that disguises bland sameness, jargon, formulas, and efficiency for creativity and innovation, we search, many times in vain, for the real thing. All too often what masquerades as innovation remains held hostage to the box we are trying to escape. It may be a different part of the box, but the impregnable boundaries of the box remain. Marigold Associates is a business that brings together practice and theory in unconventional ways to make sense of the diverse changing world. The model of practice, reflection, applied theory and reflective practice allows us to be constantly learning, growing, changing, and developing with the marketplace and our clients. We are more a design studio than a manufacturing facility, more musicians than engineers. Science and art merge, and wisdom has again found a place at the table.

R + D

At Marigold Associates we are intentional about forming a community that has learning and practice, creativity and innovation, as part of its DNA. We also acknowledge that one discipline does not have all the answers. This means that we value staying current in theory, models and method, but we are also keen observers of cultural trends. We share an ongoing dialogue about the things we are learning. This might include recent films, books, art, architecture and, of course, trends within the professional guilds of leadership and management, the behavioral sciences, finance, neuro-science, theology and so on. This level of engagement is what allows us to be a creative design workshop, a vibrant, combustible environment out of which flow solutions for our clients. This is our R & D.

You + Us

Our work with our clients is decidedly different than most. We are honest, supportive, destabilizing, disruptive. We understand the human side, we know how to shape and change culture, form leadership and manage the current and next generation. We are deliberately not like the big consulting firms, in that we do not offer formulaic, one-size-fits-all products. Because we are a boutique firm of seasoned professionals, we are able to craft work that is specifically designed for each client and their industry. But more importantly, our work is informed by our work together. Our clients become part of our community of practice, which leads to elegant, innovative solutions to their real needs.

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Both Linda Wagener and Richard Beaton contributed to this post.


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