Towards a life well lived

We think that integration is the next challenging frontier for people. Our society seems to be struggling with bringing together two opposing forces. The first is our innate need to create a holistic framework from which to live life, a unified vision of reality. This overall framework provides a way of bringing all the bits together, helping us to understand our humanity and how to live a good life. Without it, it becomes difficult to integrate what we are learning and experiencing day to day.

The second force is an unrelenting expansion and atomization of knowledge. As scholars mined the various disciplines with greater specificity, they also became more fragmented, or siloed, if you will. Knowledge of random bits and pieces is a frame, but knowledge (here we mean book learning) on its own is only of limited value. People are bombarded with new ideas and research results like a giant wave pummeling the seashore. The view provided by the generalist, the one who has access to a breadth of knowledge in many disciplines, has been lost. We seek to reclaim it!

The struggle is between these two forces, yet both are essential. Wisdom, beauty, science, and belief systems all are necessary in framing a good life. They are also essential in building great, people-centered organizations. We think there is a need to return to wisdom, which is simply knowledge guided by an understanding of the way the world works, to balance the new things we discover in our research universities and businesses.

The complexity of life today presses against us with its decisions, circumstances, and relationships. All seem to demand more than we have. We all could use advice. We seek it from friends, family, groups. Individuals willing to push it further often hire a life coach, read a self-help book, seek out a spiritual leader or therapist. Life is becoming big business. But unlike most areas, there is no professional society and no real professional service. It is a space filled with amateurs, some more informed than others. We are all trying to sort it out.

We hope that you will join us as we at Marigold Associates try to provide a sound way forward, shaped by the best of both science and wisdom.

Both Linda Wagener and Richard Beaton contributed to this post.


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