Hand Outstretched 
What does it mean to be human? How can we live a good life? These are the questions at the heart of our blog, Marigold Matters.

We admit that these are really big questions without simple answers. In fact, there are multiple ways to be human and live a good life. The diversity of options is part of the reason it is so difficult to get our heads and hearts around the solution. As a result we are often distracted and confused about why we feel empty, frustrated, unsatisfied, or exhausted. We don’t know why we can’t make the changes we need to bring us greater physical, financial, or relational well being.

Are all ways of being human equal? We believe not. Both traditional wisdom and modern science provide guidelines that enable us to avoid the most dangerous pitfalls, respond to adversity with growth, and design our lives to bring out the best in ourselves and the others we influence—our families, friends, co-workers and communities.

One of the most pressing problems of our age is the fragmentation that we feel. We experience the competing demands of work and family, self-care and serving others, our public and private selves. We see one of our most important roles in these blogs is to bring integration to the diverse domains of life.

In our blogs we’ll draw together the oldest, time-tested and the newest, scientifically valid thinking on topics that matter to our daily lives. We’ll cover issues of health, age, gender, relationships, spirituality, work, and contribution. We’ll not only look at how we should live as individuals, but importantly, we’ll look at life in families, organizations and communities.

Look for us Tuesdays & Fridays.  We hope you’ll make Marigold Matters a part of your regular reading.

Both Linda Wagener and Richard Beaton contributed to this post.


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