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Let’s face it, life is challenging. Executives, small business owners, housewives, parents and students are all struggling to figure it out. We are out of balance, overdrawn on our time and energy, living on credit. The old formulas aren’t working. And we’re doing a poor job of helping the next generation prepare for the future.

Marigold Matters is our blog devoted to the topic of how to live better. Why do we think we have something to add to this discussion? Good question! Between us, we’ve spent decades studying and teaching this topic. Our training in the humanities and social science has provided us with the relevant tools and content.

And if you are imaging us as library gnomes, let us reassure you that we also have lived alongside you in the trenches. We have led long (yes, we are getting old) and pretty interesting lives that have allowed us to connect with people in all their glorious diversity. We’ve experienced life in various cultures and conditions. Across five continents, we’ve worked with street people and millionaires, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists, soldiers and humanitarian aid workers, children and CEOS.

In the end, we do our best to practice what we preach. We’re serious about trying to live a good life; one that is creatively engaging, ethical, filled with meaning and purpose, and brings out our best. As we continue to struggle and grow, we have noticed considerable improvement since we began adopting in our own lives the approach we recommend to others. We hope you will join us through our struggles, insights, failures and successes, and share yours with us. Together we hope we can all come to more fully understand how to live life well.

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Both Linda Wagener and Richard Beaton contributed to this post.


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