Cross-Cultural Training

To maximize their international strategies, businesses need to provide ongoing support for their international staff before, during, and post deployment.

Marigold Associates are experienced in the integration of business issues, human behavior, and culture. We provide thorough training and ongoing support for internationally deployed executives and their staffs.

International Deployment

Globalization has created a series of new realities for business. Expanded opportunities often include doing business in intensely challenging regions. In addition to unique business prospects, overseas placements are attractive for their potential for personal growth and development, improved analytical and relational skills, expanded creativity and problem solving, and enhanced ability to work with people of diverse cultures.

Yet without adequate preparation, these benefits can go sadly unrealized. While competent in their chosen fields, professionals are rarely adequately prepared for the cultural obstacles that they will undoubtedly encounter. Few have had either the formal training or life experience necessary to develop the skills to thrive personally and professionally in their new context. Wonderful opportunities can quickly become onerous, damaging experiences.

Thriving in cross-cultural business requires an understanding of the political, religious, and social nuances of unfamiliar and often unstable societies. The differences in social customs are just the tip of the iceberg. Even those who have traveled widely can be taken unaware by misunderstandings of cues in social relationships, differences in ethical standards that are often hard to perceive, and the frustrations of working outside of familiar systems and processes for getting work done.

The stress that accompanies international placements stems from more than the difficulties of doing business. It can include:

  • potential threats to safety and security;
  • difficulty managing and leading people in an international context;
  • family issues including trailing spouses and kids or frequent separations;
  • diminished performance, anxiety, addictions, isolation and depression.

Success abroad requires more than attention to financial capital alone. Many companies continue to overlook their human capital investment and resource needs when expanding to global markets.

Leading international teams

depends upon a set of competencies that are rarely developed in the course of a typical business education and career.

Thriving in an international context requires knowing more than how to participate in local customs. Every successful cultural immersion involves attending to several moving parts. At a minimum, doing business cross-culturally requires sensitivity to political, social, religious, ethical, gender, and age issues.

Marigold advisors are specialists in preparing and supporting business people in challenging and high conflict regions including Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We have a series of training modules and support services.

    Orientation and training:

    We provide our basic training workshops tailored for both the home office and on location in the international deployment. These include stress management, cultural orientation, leading and building diverse high performing teams, conflict resolution, and ethical challenges.

    Ongoing coaching:

    Atypical expertise is required to lead and manage in these atypical situations. In addition to the standard skills developed by executive coaching, Marigold Associates incorporate the multidisciplinary, cultural, organizational, religious, and psychological expertise necessary to be effective in an international context.

    Crisis management:

    When critical incidents occur (death, armed robberies, kidnappings, bombings, suicides), they will have profound, ongoing effects on the employees and organization. We offer pre-deployment consultancy to organizations regarding their critical incident response management. We also provide post-incident debriefings, psychological first aid, post-trauma support and counseling.

Are you satisfied with your cultural diversity training and support program?

Are you achieving your international business goals as anticipated?

Are the non-financial issues slowing you down?

Are your people well prepared for the complex business and personal environment they will encounter when they arrive?

Do they have the ongoing support that they need to understand the cultural dilemmas that arise regularly?

Do you have protocols in place in the event of a critical incident?

Do your people return to the home office in good form and energized by their new experiences and understandings?

Are they able to process the transition to home territory with ease and grace?

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