Organizational Health

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Professional expertise in human capital management

A flourishing organization is good for business.

When your people are energized, engaged and satisfied with their work, it will be reflected in your productivity and profits. Business researchers are demonstrating the value of human-centered organizations for business success. But few business leaders have been given the training to make that happen. Marigold advisors are experts in creating flourishing, human-centered organizations.

Here is what we can do to transform your organization:


1. Put the right people in management.

Good managers need both the personal capacities and the business competencies to succeed. We have tools that can identify people with management capacities. Our coaching can build their competencies.

Your result:

Energized employees who are using their full potential.

2. Create a positive culture.

Organizations and teams that have a ratio of at least 3 positive interactions to 1 negative interaction are more productive, profitable, and innovative. We offer training and coaching in healthy conflict resolution, constructive feedback, team dynamics, and the advantages of diversity.

Your result:

Transformation of passive-aggressive cultures of complaint to cultures that are characterized by creative and innovative problem-solving.

3. Train your people to work smarter.

Many companies who pride themselves on being lean are characterized by work habits that counter the natural functioning of the brain. Over time, the quality of work deteriorates as the negative impact of chronic stress grows. We introduce simple changes into the daily routine to counteract the detrimental impact of chronic stress.

Your result:

Balance that doesn’t sacrifice excellence.

Your outcomes:

Improved employee satisfaction and retention

Increased productivity

Increased profitability

Enhanced creativity and innovation

Please contact us to learn how Marigold can help you create a flourishing organization.