High-Performing Teams

A leader can’t do much without a great team. Yet teams that perform at a high level are so rare that they seem to come together by magic or luck. Not so! The science of team building has come a long way since the days of rope courses and trust exercises.

Our team building services directly impact the way teams function day to day. We build the skills that teams need to reach the highest level of performance: emotional and social intelligence, communication, feedback, and conflict management. We tailor our offerings to your culture and desired outcomes.

We understand that the nature of team work has become radically fluid. Many teams rarely work face-to-face and have participants that come and go with projects. Team participants are likely to be diverse in gender, culture, training, experience, age and personality. We work with teams to give them advanced skills and sensitivities to harness the power of that diversity rather than allowing it to become an irritation.

Our assessment tools are a valuable resource for bringing the right people together for a team project, determining the leadership style that will bring out the best in a particular team, and understanding team culture. We only use current scientifically validated, highly accurate assessments and have people with high levels of expertise to provide feedback and explore the implications for team building and functioning.

Our team building workshops are perfect for an off site retreat or a sustained initiative.

Some sample modules include:

Dynamics of Flourishing Teams

Good teamwork is often the ultimate competitive advantage, in part because it is the rare organization that strategically manages their human capital as well as they manage their budgets. In this workshop we walk through the characteristics of teams that are productive, efficient, profitable, creative and innovative. Team interaction is facilitated through active exercises and discussion.


    1. Participants will gain an understanding of the characteristics of high performing teams. The team will identify what qualities they need in order to improve their teamwork.

    2. Participants will begin to know each other in ways that facilitate trust, accountability and good communication – the foundation for healthy team dynamics.

    3. Expectations will be set for improvement in key areas.

The Impact of Personality

Individual differences in personality have a surprisingly strong impact on team functioning. Diversity can be a trigger for misunderstandings and even conflict. In contrast, high-performing teams harness the diversity in personality styles to their advantage. Increasing awareness of the personalities that make up a team is the first step in making diversity a strength rather than a liability.


    1. Participants will learn their individual and team personality profiles and better understand how they prefer to work and relate to colleagues.

    2. Participants will understand the impact of their diverse personalities on team performance and learn to appreciate the value of personality diversity.

    3. The team feedback session compares the team Workplace profile to the dynamics that characterize high-performing teams. Team strengths and gaps are identified as well as areas of potential conflict/misunderstanding. Discussion will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the team through each of the five supertraits and 23 subtraits of personality.

Communication, Feedback and Conflict

The ability to communicate in a productive manner that includes giving good feedback and addressing conflict is an advanced and difficult skill for many teams. We take the team through a series of scenarios, escalating in difficulty to practice good communication skills. We end with a live exercise.


    1. Participants learn the value of lavish communication including feedback and conflict resolution.

    2. Participants practice advance communication skills.

    3. High standards and expectations for team communication, feedback, and conflict are reiterated and emphasized.

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